Optical illusion is visual truth

The Visual Truth is a Motion-Design-Studio.
We create moving visual-identities, motion-graphics, animation, film and any other time based media for the web, television, exibitions, digital applications and cinema.

We strive to create visually stunning and emotionally engaging experiences without resorting to just pure eye-candy. We keep our work meaningful and effective: it’s all about the truth and the visuals.

The Visual Truth opened it’s doors in 2012. We evolved from the combined creative efforts of the award-winning motion-designers Julian Lodders, Roman Wolter and Henning Rogge-Pott, who also teaches Motion-Design as a professor at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg/Schweinfurt.

We are based right in the center of the hectic motion-picture-industry: Northern Germany. Our production office is located in Bremen (a location formerly known for it’s beer and animal-pyramids) with a satellite-office in Hamburg (a city known for always coming in second, when being compared to Berlin).